Universal Netbook Power Adapter

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BELKIN UNIVERSAL LAPTOP CHARGINGNever suffer from the dreaded low battery again. The Belkin Universal Laptop Power Supply is able to charge the greatest number of laptops on market, making it the only charger you'll ever need. The sleek, compact design is easy on the eyes and you can plug it in virtually anywhere, so a battery boost is always in reach. THE BELKIN DIFFERENCE Powers most brands and models of laptops Includes 9 connector tips 90W Belkin Safety Assurance INCLUDES 9 DIFFERENT CONNECTOR TYPESThe Belkin Universal Laptop Power Supply comes with 9 different connector tips, so you can charge any brand laptop at the fastest possible speed. The Power Supply works great as a replacement charger or if you simply need an extra to keep at home or the office. PERFECT FOR THE FAMILY WITH MULTIPLE LAPTOPSBecause it's so versatile, the Belkin Universal Laptop Power Supply is the best charger for when you and your family members have different laptops to charge. No more drawers

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