Ahaa ResiMouse vandtæt silikone mus, Hvid

278,61 kr


Perfect for health care or industrial use. 4-button optical silicone mouse with “button-scroll” for tough environments. Hermetically sealed in high quality silicone giving unique properties which withstand both water and soap solutions. Also resistant towards disinfection agents, alcohol and petroleum products. A natural choice when demands are placed on a clinically clean work environment within laboratories and health care. Also perfect for “the workshop floor” within industries where even dirty oil products can be easily cleaned using petrol. • Hermetic computer mouse of high quality silicone• IP67 - Resistant towards water and other cleaning fluids.• Ideal for laboratory, medical, industrial and marine environments.• Can be easily cleaned and disinfected.• 4-button optical mouse• 800 dpi• Colour: White• USB-connection• Operating temp -40°C to +80°C• Weight 120 g

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